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Tello Mobile Reviews From 8 Experts



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Out of 8 experts, 88% would recommend Tello with an average rating of 8/10.

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The consensus

Tello is most praised for its cost effectiveness, customer experience, no fees, and plan flexibility, while the most common drawbacks included not having an unlimited data plan and spotty coverage in areas that do not have good Sprint coverage. 

Expert reviews

Michael Timmerman
Yes“Tello’s prices are unbeatable, but the service may be a headache if Sprint’s network coverage isn’t up to par in your area.” Full review
Trevor Wheelright
Yes“If you don’t need fast unlimited data, Tello is an inexpensive prepaid option.” Full review
Android Central
Joe Maring
Yes“Great coverage, prices, and features for less.” Full Review
Tom’s Guide
Jason Cross
Yes“Tello can save you a lot of money if you don’t need a whole lot of talk or text.” Full review
Daily Wireless
Luke Pensworth
No“Designed to help their clients save their cash, Tello’s plans allow each subscriber to decide exactly how many minutes, texts, and how much data they need.” Full review
WireflyYes“Designed to help their clients save their cash, Tello’s plans allow each subscriber to decide exactly how many minutes, texts, and how much data they need.” Full review
Women Who MoneyYes“Tello is a low-cost, reliable and flexible cell service option if the Sprint Network meets your needs.” Full review
Money Saving Pro
Ron Webber
Yes“Tello gives you prepaid phone service on the nationwide Sprint network for half the price. ” Full review

Important information

  • Prepaid plans ranging from $5 to $39/mo
  • Online-only provider
  • Runs on the Sprint nationwide network
  • No contract, activation, overage or termination fees
  • Free tethering
  • Works with any eligible CDMA device

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Most common pros

  • Low price (8 of 8 experts)
  • Plan flexibility (7 of 8 experts)
  • Free tethering (4 of 8 experts)
  • Calls to Mexico, Canada, China (2 of 7 experts)

Most common cons

  • Sprint coverage can be spotty (4 of 8 experts)
  • Inconsistent data speeds (3 of 7 experts)
  • No unlimited data plan (2 of 7 experts)

Who is this most frequently recommended for?

  • People looking to save money
  • People looking for an individual plan
  • People not looking to be locked into a contract


Tello mobile was highly commended by the experts for its competitive prepaid plan pricing and plan flexibility. 

It was highly suggested for individuals (vs. families), who are looking for a discount carrier with more flexibility who do not want to be tied down to a long-term lock-in contract. There are no activation or termination fees. 

It was not suggested for those looking to send large files or travel internationally on a frequent basis, or looking for a family plan. It was also noted that if you do want to bring your device it must be CDMA compatible. 

Because Tello runs on the Sprint network, checking the coverage in your area was highly stressed.

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