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Care/of Reviews From 6 Experts



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Out of 6 experts, 83% would recommend Care/of personalized vitamins.

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Care/of offers a personalized vitamin subscription aimed to help boost energy, immunity and better sleep. The process starts with a quiz, then provides a customized recommendation of different vitamins. They offer a convenient no-commit monthly subscription option with personalized, modern packaging. You may also purchase individual vitamins packs or sticks individually.

The consensus

The Care/of personalized vitamin service was primarily regarded for its personalization, user experience and design. It was commonly noted that you should check with your doctor if you need vitamins, although they should not hurt.

Expert reviews

Karina Hoshikawa
Yes“I really appreciated how easy it was to navigate Care/Of’s website (and my own account portal), and the enclosed insert in my mailing had a clear, visual breakdown of each vitamin in my pack which made it easy for me to understand exactly what I was getting.” Full review
Trusty Spotter
Evan Porter
Yes“Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and I definitely felt physically better and more energetic on average while taking my supplements.” Full review
Women’s Health
Mallory Creveling
No“Personalized vitamins like Care/Of aren’t going to be a magic bullet for your health—even though they’re “specifically for you.” Full review
Gabrielle Kassel
Yes“I enjoyed this product and the user experience of taking this product. ” Full review
Yes“Even vitamin skeptics will leave happy and informed.” Full Review
Christopher Hunt
Yes“If you’re willing to spend the money, this does what any good product should do — it does the work for you.” Full review

Key information

  • 5 minute quiz to personalize your vitamin selection, approximately 35 questions
  • Supplements include: vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and protein
  • By default vitamins come in pill form, but can choose Quick Stick powder sticks
  • Vitamins packs are delivered on a subscription basis every month

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Most common pros

  • Personalization (4 of 6 experts)
  • User experience (4 of 6 experts)
  • Ingredient transparency (3 of 6 experts)
  • Pricing (2 of 6 experts)

Most common cons

  • Research into the benefit of vitamins in limited (2 of 6 experts)
  • Number of pills recommended (2 of 6 experts)

Who is this most frequently recommended for?

  • Busy people who take vitamins anyways
  • People who were recommended to take vitamins by their doctor.


Care/of vitamins were commended by the 6 experts primarily for their personalization via the 5 minute quiz and the user experience. From the website experience to the delivery and package design, there was high praise the entire experience.

Two were especially impressed by the transparency of ingredients as well as their natural ingredients. BarBend was thankful for the lack of taste and smell that many other supplements have.

The noted drawback was the lack of research in the benefit of vitamins compared to diet and exercise in general, having said that, it was mentioned that it was more of a categorical concern vs. the service itself.

Overall, it was recommended for the user experience if you are someone who takes vitamins or are looking to solve a deficiency looking to increase energy, help sleep, or boost your immunity.

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